About the Harvard College Open Data Project

The 2018 Harvard College Open Data Project Team

The Harvard College Open Data Project (HODP) is a student-faculty group that aims to increase transparency and tackle issues on campus using public Harvard data.

The Harvard College Open Data Project (HODP) is a student-faculty group that aims to increase transparency and solve problems on campus using public Harvard data.

Our flagship product is Harvard’s first open data catalog, where we’ve gathered dozens of public Harvard datasets in a free repository. We’ve used data science and data visualization techniques to analyze data on campus safety, faculty gender disparity, student government election turnout, and trends in concentration popularity, to name a few.

HODP’s community includes over 100 undergraduates as well as several Harvard faculty: Nick Sinai, the former deputy CTO of the US and current HKS professor; Jim Waldo, the former Harvard CTO; and others.

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Creating Harvard's first open data catalog

In the vein of data.gov, we're gathering and publishing all of Harvard's public datasets in one place. With this, we promote transparency and help students engage better with the university. Check out our datasets!

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Creating data-driven policy with Harvard staff

We're working with Harvard's police department (HUPD) and dining services (HUDS) to open and analyze their datasets. Our analyses will lead to real policy changes and greater student-staff interaction than we've ever seen.

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Data science to understand our university

We correctly predicted the outcome of the Harvard UC presidential election using surveys and social media analysis. Now we're turning toward understanding Harvard academics, social life, and finances by analyzing public Harvard data.

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We're working on some really exciting data analysis projects this semester, including:
  • Analyzing low turnout and predicting results of Harvard's student government elections
  • Investigating Harvard faculty diversity
  • Finding trends in the career paths of Harvard College graduates
  • Creating a database of Harvard courses
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Jeffrey He

Mather 2020
Hi! I’m a currently a junior in Mather studying computer science. Outside of HODP, I'm a huge basketball fan, am involved in SMHL, and TF for CS182.

Emma Ling

Vice President
Lowell 2020
I'm a junior in Lowell studying computer science and sociology. When I'm not hacking on Harvard datasets, I love going on adventures in the great outdoors.

Stephen Moon

Vice President
Pforzheimer 2020
I'm a junior in Pforzheimer House studying statistics and economics. I love data, french fries, and card games, and am left handed.

Kevin Bi

Co-Director of Content
Currier 2021
I'm a sophomore in Currier studying Applied Math with a focus in Economics. In my free time, I like to read, play card games, and watch sports.

Lucy Li

Co-Director of Content
Adams 2021
I'm a sophomore in Adams interested in data, tech, and politics. Outside of HODP, I play violin in HRO and volunteer through PBHA.

Leo Saenger

Weld 2022
I'm a first year interested in statistics, economics, politics, and using design to explore the intersections between the three. Outside of HODP, I volunteer with HCMUD and run on the Charles.

Seth Billiau

Currier 2022
I’m a sophomore from Grand Rapids, Michigan, living Currier House and studying statistics and government. If I'm not at a HODP meeting, you can probably find me singing Bass II in the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum, CA'ing Math 23, or attending the next Red Sox/Celtics/Bruins game.


Nick Sinai

Faculty Mentor
Nick Sinai teaches at the Harvard Kennedy School and was the former deputy CTO of the US, where he helped relaunch Data.gov.

Latanya Sweeney

Faculty Mentor
Latanya Sweeney is a Professor of Government and Technology at Harvard.

Team Leads

Olivia Bryant

Student Organizations Lead
Hollis 2021
I am a sophomore from Canterbury, England, potentially studying Statistics with an interest in data journalism. I spend time volunteering and knitting like a grandma.

Terry Ni

Campus Life Lead
Eliot 2021
I'm in Eliot House, and I study Applied Math. I love playing with data, art, walking around, cats and turtles, mysteries, and random, one-off campus activities.

Maddy Nakada

Web Lead
Currier 2020
I am a CS and statistics concentrator living in Currier. I was drawn to HODP by its goal to make data more accessible to the public both through easily digestible articles as well as by formatting data for others to use. In my free time I enjoy running along the Charles.


Flora DiCara

Adams 2020
I'm a junior in Adams studying Social Studies. Outside of HODP I'm active in Harvard's entrepreneurial community and am a student fellow at a venture capital firm.

Alex Giglio

Eliot 2020
I'm a Mechanical Engineering concentrator with a love for obscure facts and a passion for complaining about Harvard's class scheduling.

Darrin Gilkerson

Cabot 2020
I'm a junior in Cabot from Ohio interested in big data, statistics, and Joe Blitzstein

Alaisha Sharma

Kirkland 2020
I'm a junior in Kirkland studying computer science and obsessed with bio-inspired design. Dance is my absolute favorite hobby, but I also enjoy teaching CS to non-programmers, learning new languages, and exploring cool food places (multiple in a row).

Ariana Soto

Currier 2020
I am a junior from Los Angeles concentrating in Government with a secondary in Computer Science. I’m a huge fan of open data, having worked last summer with the Los Angeles open data portal and getting to work this summer with the New York open data portal. I love singing and going to the beach!

Hakeem Angulu

Winthrop 2020
I'm a junior from Kingston, Jamaica, currently living in Winthrop. I am pursuing a joint concentration in Computer Science and Statistics with a Secondary in African American Studies, and I hope to use my studies here, as well as my engagement with HODP, to work on projects that amplify voices, facilitate justice, and push our current limits!

Grace Zhang

Mather 2020
I’m a junior concentrating in computer science and statistics. I’m originally from New York and am super excited about data and what we can learn from it!

George Guarnieri

Canaday 2022
I am a freshman living in Canaday studying either economics or computer science. I enjoy dominating basketball games in my free time, and I am a big Knicks fan.

Andrea Zhang

Wigglesworth 2022
I'm a first year from New Jersey studying math and computer science. Outside of HODP, I love singing, reading, and playing card games.

Bridger Gordon

Lionel 2022
I'm a freshman in Lionel studying Economics. I'm interested in statistics and data analysis, which is why I joined HODP. Outside of HODP, I enjoy politics, traveling, and listening to the Beatles.

Manasi Maheshwari

Currier 2021
I’m a sophomore in Currier studying computer science and economics. In addition to HODP, I love biking, exploring the city with friends, and trying new restaurants.

Lucy Liu

Straus 2022
I'm a freshman in Straus concentrating in Applied Math. Besides data, I like long naps and modular origami.

William Zhang

Canaday 2022
I'm a freshman studying CS and Statistics. I like playing video games, and I'm from Birmingham, Alabama.

Dasha Metropolitansky

Straus 2022
I’m a freshman planning on concentrating in Statistics. When I’m not at a HODP meeting, you can find me traveling the world for debate competitions, playing poker, or watching a cooking show.

Brett Pearson

Canaday 2022
I'm a first-year planning on studying Economics, but I'm also really interested in statistics, computer science, and women's studies. Outside of the classroom, I sing in the Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones and I love playing volleyball and tennis.

Festus Ojo

Currier 2021
I'm a sophomore in Currier interested in data, machine learning, and blockchain. Outside of HODP, I'm a huge fan of basketball, anime, and hip-hop.

Eric Sun

Greenough 2022
I am a freshman living in Greenough studying both Computer Science and Economics. In my free time, I enjoy following professional sports, and playing both fantasy football and baseball!



Caleb Shelburne

Kirkland 2018
At Harvard, I was in Kirkland concentrating in History and Literature. Officially, I studied nineteenth-century Ottoman history. In my spare time, I enjoy analyzing data.

Neel Mehta

Founder, Alumni
Pforzheimer 2018
At Harvard, I was in Pfoho studying computer science. Outside HODP, I served as the Finance Committee Chair on the Undergraduate Council, wrote about civic tech, and skateboarded around campus.